Nikon FM2n body, Black


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Boxed and complete.

This later version of the FM2 is commonly referred to as the FM2n (for ‘new’). The FM2N used an advanced Nikon-design, metal-bladed, bearing-mounted, vertical-travel focal plane shutter with a (then unheard-of) speed range of 1 to 1/4000th second plus Bulb, plus a fast flash X-sync of 1/250th second.

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Boxed and complete.

This later version of the FM2 is commonly referred to as the FM2n (for ‘new’). The FM2N used an advanced Nikon-design, metal-bladed, bearing-mounted, vertical-travel focal plane shutter with a (then unheard-of) speed range of 1 to 1/4000th second plus Bulb, plus a fast flash X-sync of 1/250th second.


Type of camera: 35mm single lens reflex (SLR)

Usable film: Any cartridge-type 35mm film

Picture format: 24mm × 36mm

Lens mount

Nikon bayonet mount; meter coupling lever provided

Shutter: Vertical-travel, metal, focal plane, mechanical shutter with aluminium alloy curtains

Shutter release: Mechanical; centre-threaded shutter release button accepts AR-3 Cable Release; button locked when film advance lever is flush with camera body

Shutter speed settings: 1/4000 sec. – 1 sec., B (Bulb), 14 discreet settings in all

Film advance lever: Single-stroke type; 30° stand-off angle and 135° winding angle


Self-timer: Set/cancel mechanical type provided; approx. 10 – sec. shutter release delay

Viewfinder: Eye-level pentaprism type; 0.86X magnification with 50mm lens set at infinity; finder coverage approx. 93% of picture field

Viewfinder display: Shutter speed, ADR (aperture direct readout) f/number in use, and five different LED exposure displays using +, o and – signs

Focusing screen: Split-image microprism type (Type K2) provided as standard; matte type (B2) and matte with horizontal and vertical line etchings (E2) also available

Reflex mirror: Automatic quick-return type incorporating special control gear and wheel-and-brake mechanism for reduced vibration and noise; non-lockable type

Depth-of-field preview lever: provided

Motor drive coupling:

Electrical contact and coupler built-in for operation with Motor Drive MD-12; the MD-12 is operable when film advance lever is flush with camera body

Multiple exposure lever: Provided; disengages frame counter for correct count

Frame counter: Additive type (S.1-36); automatically resets to S when camera back is opened

Film rewind: By crank provided after film rewind button is pressed

Accessory shoe

Provided: standard ISO type; ready-light contact provided

Flash synchronization: Built-in ISO-type hot-shoe; threaded sync cord terminal provided for off-camera or multi-flash photography; synchronization with electronic flash units at speeds up to 1/250 sec.

Flash Ready-light: LED provided; visible inside viewfinder; lights up when an appropriate Nikon Speedlight Unit used is fully charged; blinks to warn that the shutter speed set is beyond the electronic flash’s sync range

Exposure metering: Through-the-lens centre-weighted full aperture exposure measuring system using a pair of SPDs (silicon photodiodes) and metering monolithic IC circuit

Metering range

EV 1 to EV 18 at ISO 100 and with f/1.4 lens (i.e., from 1 sec. at f/1.4 to 1/4000 sec. at f/8)

Film sensitivity range

ISO 12-ISO 6400

Power source: Choice of one 3V lithium battery (CR-1/3 type), two 1.55V silver-oxide batteries (SR44 type), or two 1.5V alkaline batteries (LR44 type); optional Anti-Cold Battery Holder

DB-2 accepting two AA-type batteries

Exposure meter switch: Light pressure on shutter release button switches meter on; meter stays on for approx. 30 sec. after finger leaves button, then automatically switches off; meter automatically turned off when shutter speed dial is set at B Battery power checker: LED exposure display inside viewfinder lights up when exposure meter is switched on if there is sufficient power (i.e., shutter speed dial is set anywhere except B)

Camera back: Pops open when the film rewind knob is pulled up as the camera back lock is pushed; detachable and interchangeable with Data Back MF-16; memo holder provided

Body finish: Chrome and black available

Dimensions (camera body only)

Approx. 142.5mm (W) X90mm (H) X 60mm (D)

Weight (camera body only)

Approx. 540g

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