Nikon MD-3 motor drive for F2


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The Nikon MD-3 offers effortless film advance and rewind when fitted to your F2/F2S/F2SB. Choice of single-frame or continuous firing is offered through a selector knob. Secondary shutter release button activates the camera’s exposure meter (just as using the regular shutter release would), and the camera can be powered by the batteries in the motor drive if the camera batteries are dead.

Burst mode operates at up to 4 frames per second. Automatic winding stop occurs when the film end is reached, a warning light illuminates, and the film is then rewound in under 8 seconds.

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Why the MD-3? The simple truth of the matter is that there are many people who need or would like a motor drive for use in every day shooting situations, such as for merely advancing the film. Lightweight and compactness are, of course, taken for granted. Continuous operation is desirable for use when needed, as i’s a fast enough shooting speed for handing sports or action shooting requirements. With this in mind, the MD-3 was born. Nikon’s engineers took a close look at motor drive photography and eliminated all features which were judged superfluous to the lightweight, compact motor drive concept. The fact is, it is generally not the motor drive which is the heavy, bulky part of the system; it is really the battery pack, i.e., high-speed drives require powerful and, therefore, heavy batteries. Consequently, the MD-3 gives a choice of battery packs; the maximum firing speed available varies with the pack chosen. In the case of the MB-2 battery pack, which has been created especially for the MD-3, the available maximum firing speed of 2.5 fps (frames per second) is more than enough for virtually all amateur applications. For professionals or amateurs who really need higher speeds of up to 4 fps, the MB-1 battery pack should be used.


Cameras usable: any Nikon F2 camera body, no modifications or adjustments required for mounting

Operation modes: choice of single-frame (S) or continuous (C) Firing via mode control (SC) knob on handgrip; lock (L) position also provided for prevention of inadvertent release

Firing speeds: fixed firing speed provided as mode control knob is set to continuous shooting setting; speed performance with various power supplies.

Shutter speeds: For single-frame shooting, usable at any of the camera’s standard shutter speeds (i.e., 1/2000 second to 10 seconds) for continuous shooting usable at speeds from 1/ 2000 second to 1/80 second.

Frame counter: shows number of frames remaining (subtractive type); manually set to 20 or 36 (in red) at start of shooting; can be used to control the number of frames in a sequence burst

Film rewind: manual via rewind crank on camera body

Remote control: via shutter release built into the MD3 handgrip

Dimensions: 62mm (D) x 106mm (H) x 147mm (W)

Weight: approx. 355g (MD-3 only); 505g (with MB-2 attached)

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