Nikon PB-6M Macro Copy Stand for PB-6


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Macro copy stand for the PB-6.

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The Macro Copy Stand PB-6M exclusive macro copy stand and specimen stage for the PB-6 Permits both horizontal and vertical shooting. Easy attachment via a single locking screw. Two types of base plates – white opaque acrylic and grey-painted aluminium desks – supplied as standard equipment. The white acrylic disc allows direct or trans-illumination of subjects or slide copying; the 18% grey disc can be used for through-the-lens metering. Built-in clips to hold the specimen in place. Specification: Frame/base, white acrylic and grey-painted aluminium alloy discs (74mm) and clips Compatible bellows: PB-6 Bellows focusing attachment Suitable lenses: 20mm to 55mm Reproduction ratios: with PB-6 and 50mm Nikkor lens 1/1.1X to 3X (in normal position) 1.4X to 3X (in reverse position) Dimensions: 90mm (W) x 144mm (H) x 27mm (D) Weight: 150g with acrylic plate 170g With aluminium alloy plate.

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