Peak Design Anchor Quick Connectors 4-Pack


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A pack of 4 Anchor attachments for use with any Peak Design camera strap.  Place these connectors on your camera, binoculars, compasses or water bottles so that you can quickly attach and detach them while out and about.

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Key Features

  • Four loop connectors
  • Attach to straps
  • Anti-abrasion Dyneema cords
  • Each anchor withstands over 9kg
  • Fourth generation
  • Angled shape for easy connection

This set of Anchor Connectors contains four loop-type attachments that fit onto the ends of any Peak Design strap to provide support for your gear.

Each of the anchors features a thermoplastic-overmolded head with an angled shape so you can easily pop it in or out of the strap attachment. Also, anti-abrasion cords made of Dyneema that are durable and avoid scratching your equipment are used. A single connector can support over 9kg of weight, making it safe for use with nearly any type of camera gear.